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Leather Accessories that Every Woman Should Own

Few textiles offer the same level of versatility as leather.  It’s strong, durable, stylish, and yet it’s still soft and comfortable to wear. Perhaps this is why so many fashion accessories are made of leather. If you’re a woman, you should embrace this centuries-old textile by adding the following accessories to your wardrobe. Leather Belt […]

How To Care For Your Leather Gloves

Caring for your leather gloves shouldn’t be hard – if the quality is there in the first place you should have little to do at your end. A good leather glove should retain its shape and definition for decades and very easily repay the initial cost. Nevertheless, we have seen first hand how ‘well-loved’ a pair of gloves can […]

How to Shrink Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are expensive, so it makes sense to get as much wear out of them as you can. But wearing gloves that are too big can be uncomfortable. If you have an old pair that you’ve been willing to fit you, you can shrink them to size them down a bit. Once you have […]

Which type of leather is right for you?

There’s a lot of types of leather, they come from all over the world and each has their own special characteristics. As quality leather is such a big part of who we are, you may be interested to know more about the benefits of each type and find out which leather you need to look out for in […]

Mixes and clothes: Tips for winter

As temperatures dive, we’re including Winter embellishments like caps, scarves and gloves to our outfits. They have a significant effect. Obviously, protecting against the frosty is the need, and after a specific point you’re concerned more with keeping warm than coordinating your Winter adornments. In any case, a little idea can go far when pulling […]

Damier gloves by Louis Vuitton for men

Having warm hands in winter is already a luxury in itself, but what better than having them warm with style? For men who like elegance, they will love these Louis Vuitton Damier model gloves, which take their name from the checkered combination they have on the edge, similar to the checkerboard chessboard. The Damier gloves […]

Hollywood stars loved gloves

It was the look of that period. Elegance was the most important word in fashion. Tidy hairstyle, minimal hair accessory (maybe a hat), perfect lines in the dress, the suit and the gloves were the must-have items of a wardrobe. Iconic Hollywood stars contributed to keep the gloves tradition in fashion between 1950s and 1960s.