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Men: How To Wear Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are a great year-round option if you’re looking for some easily stylish yet equally casual footwear. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, suede shoes have withstood the test of time in a whole host of weather conditions as well as in the fashion industry. So long as it’s dry (rain is their kryptonite), these […]

Guide To Tie Your Leather Shoes Laces

leather shoes for women

For leather dress shoes, it is conventional for the shoelaces to run straight across. This is a very easy way to lace your shoes and gives a sleek and professional look. As displayed by this pair, this simple design can be made more interesting by adding in a contrasting lace, either for the whole shoe […]

How To Polish Your Leather Dress Shoes In 6 Steps

leather shoes 2

Keeping your leather dress shoes as tidy as they were on the day you bought them is a tricky task. Regardless of being hard work, there are specific tricks that you can use to make them look great again. Since there are many different ways to polish your dress shoes, we have organized six easy […]

Styling Men Leather Jackets

leather jacket for men 1

Leather jackets are in every wardrobe. Whether you are a woman or a man, this leather item is an essential. They’re stylish, can keep you warm, go with almost anything and always look. But, there are times when we don’t know how to pair them and that’s why we are here to tell you some tips […]

Pearl Leather Vs Metallic Leather

Metallic and pearl leather colors are always in high demand in the fashion industry. They can be found in clothing, accessories, handbags, and furnishings. But, you might have wonder what’s the difference between these two types of leather and we are here to tell you all about it. Pearl Leather   Pearl leather has a softer […]

Men: Why You Deserve A Designer Leather Bag?

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Every man needs a designer leather bag. No, no. Listen to me, every man needs to own and wear a designer leather bag with pride. Do you understand how much, as a woman, I can fit in my leather bag? It’s like Mary Poppins in there y’all. I’m talking purse, keys, phone, hairbrush, snacks, pen, paper, extra […]

How To Match A Leather Belt

cowhide leather belts

We’ve discussed how to accessories a lot lately, but sometimes it’s easier to avoid it completely, and you just can’t be bothered. Accessorising doesn’t mean you have to wear a lot of bling. A humble leather belt can instantly upgrade your outfit, allowing you to look stylish with minimal effort – plus it holds your […]

How To Clean Leather Work Gloves

Many people use leather gloves for work. Whether is construction work or practicing welding, leather gloves definitely get dirty. Though washing is indeed the only way to enhance the lifespan of your gloves and bring back its shine, just throwing them for a wash in a laundry is not the best solution to eliminate the dirt […]

How To Protect Your Leather And Suede Shoes

leather shoes for men

Leather and suede shoes are in high demand these days. Many designers are using these 2 types of leather in their collections and they are becoming really popular between young people because of their simplicity but they’re also elegant and give a different dimmension to their outfits. Today we are going to tell you how […]

3 Different Leather Handbags You Must Have In 2019

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One of this early year trend is 3 specific leather handbags. Each type of bag is designed to cater for a particular use, some with practicality in mind, with others offering a smaller, more convenient size, all with an array of clever features to consider. Read on below to discover the main differences. 3 Different Leather Handbags […]

Men: Tips To Buy The Best Leather Jacket

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It’s not a secret that leather jackets are here to stay… forever it seems, and we are so ok with that. Leather jackets are the favorites for either men and women and can be used in almost any occasion. To ensure that you are buying the right one for you, you should follow these tips. […]

Fashionista 101: How to Style Leather Pants

Many people find leather pants very stylish and guess what? they are right!. But, is choosing the right style of clothing with them that is the main issue. Honestly saying, leather pants are a great addition to the closet and can look great, if they are paired with correct item and worn correctly. Leather pants have […]

5 Questions You Should Make When Buying A Leather Bag

We all know that buying new things could be as exciting as frustrating. If they are nice things it could be also expensive. So, whenever you feel like handing out your hard-earned money in leather items and especially in leather bags you need to ask these questions and see if it fits your needs. 5 […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Leather Vest

When we look for a leather vest is important to choose the right type. While all leather vests feature a sleeveless design in an all-leather construction, there are nuances between them that shouldn’t go unnoticed. To find the perfect leather vest, consider the 5 following things. 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Leather Vest Zipper […]

How To Rock A Leather Jacket In The Rainy Days

Rain is the invisible enemy of leather jackets (and our lovely hair right girls?). The rainy season is a hoot. Everything is clean and glistening. The air is fresh and breezy. But Who doesn’t love the rain? even when it messes a little with our plans. Of course, too much rain can be a little bothersome especially […]

Type Of Leathers: What Is Suede?

Combining leather

You have probably heard the term suede before right?. But what is suede exactly, and why do we use it? In a nutshell, suede is a particular finish of leather (often referred to as suede leather). Rather than being a different variety of the material, Suede simply refers to the finish that gives the fabric a […]

What Is Vegetable Tanning?

leather pieces

In recent years, even decades, the leather industry has caused many environmental hazards across the globe due to its chemical nature of material production. This dire state of affairs prompted scientists to refine both new and old solutions to manufacturing practices that will mitigate the negative effects on our ecosystem. The result of this extensive […]

How To Examine Quality In Leather Goods

cowhide leather

A good pair of shoes is made out of first-rate materials, has good arch support, fits comfortably, looks great and will last a lifetime. It’s these factors that determine whether you’re buying a quality pair of shoes. But how do you determine whether that pair of shoes, or say a field notes leather wallet, is […]

5 Tricks To Ensure Your Leather Bag Last For Years To Come

We know the feeling when it’s time to replace our bags and spent some money on a new bag. It could be really stressing or a happy moment. But we know how awful we feel when our precious leather bag, the one is supposed to last a lifetime, just fall apart because of the abused […]

How To Protect Your Leather Goods When You Have Pets

leather furniture and pets 2

Leather couches or seats made of leather as opposed to cloth tend to be more comfortable and more durable. However, if you have pets, their claws may cause scratches that may result in issues both from a durability and aesthetic standpoint. But, today we are telling you how to protect your leather goods from your […]

The Best Types Of Leather Jackets For Girls

leather jacket woman 1

Girls, we are here today to tell you which are the best types of leather jackets for you. Prepare to rock one these at any season. Leather jackets have been the perfect outfit whether you are in winter or Summer. You can use this piece of garment pretty much anywhere and still look good and […]

How To Choose The Right Bag For Your Trip

Alright, today we are getting down to business.. or is it travel business?. Anyway,  wether you are planning a holiday trip, a business trip or maybe just a family one, you’ll need the perfect bag for the occasion. Let’s take a look at these different leather bags so you can choose the right bag for […]

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide for Gifts

Oh! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, of course, with this all the usual stress. The two main stresses are gift buying and outfit planning. Whether you’re in a long term relationship, just starting out with someone new or are simply looking to impress someone special, here at Peccary Leather we’ve put together […]

How To Clean Your Leather Handbag

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Leather handbags are a must-have accessory for every girl. These incredible leather handbags go well with every outfit. If you are willing to make an investment we can assure you this is one of the good ones and they also can last a lifetime if you care for them properly. How To Clean Your Leather […]

How To Wash & Dry Your Leathers Jacket

Leather jackets are one of the essentials in every wardrobe. They are a versatile piece of clothing that tends to last for years when handled with love and care. To keep your leather coats in good condition, you need take care of its washing style as unlike other styles of clothing, you can’t simply turn up […]

Ten Best Biker Jackets In Movie History

Throughout history in the Hollywood industry, there has been a lot of characters that have managed to stay in our minds after all this time. This is because fashion is one of the most important things even to Hollywood and with that let’s see the best ten biker jackets that these famous characters pulled off […]

Tips To Buy Leather Jackets Online

Sometimes, we want that perfect jacket we saw in our dreams and we will do everything to get it. Oh, wait! maybe that just us. Anyway, whether you are looking for your next leather jacket in the stores and couldn’t find it or just browsing the web trying to find it. Here are some useful tips […]

Tips To Choose The Best Leather Coat This Winter

leather skirt outfit 10

When winter comes everyone gets excited. Or maybe it’s just us?. Anyway, winters are awesome, with that comes the wind, cold and dark nights and our perfect outfit for those perfect nights. Believe it or not, we humans get more opportunity to be fabulous in winters than in summers. Long boots, woolen high-necks, sweaters, and […]

5 Leather Clothing Myths You Should Never Believe

Cotton is the absolute king of fabric in which clothes are made. There are cotton pieces everywhere, in Tshirts, sweaters, dresses, etc. As a result, many people are skeptical of wearing clothes made of other fabrics. But today we are showing the 5 most common myths about leather in fashion. 5 Leather Clothing Myths You Should […]

Leather Shoes To Wear At Work

leather shoes 3

Shoes are the compliment to every outfit. Leather shoes are the best accessory for work. Whether it’s an elegant stiletto or classic loafer, adding a high-quality leather shoe to your work wardrobe definitely steps up your 9-5 style game. As a bonus, a well-made leather shoe not only looks extra stylish, but it’s also an accessory […]

How To Use Leather In The Summer

Combining leather

We all know leather is heavily used in winter because they have the ability to make us warm.  But what happens in summer? Can we use it? The answer is yes. Leather pants, leather vests, and leather motorcycle jackets will always be in style. Some fashionistas even consider those three leather fashion items as closet […]

Leather Essentials For Travels: Must Have Items of 2019

leather bag 2

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your traveling essentials or to keep yourself even more organized during your journeys, these items are just for you. Leather is the perfect material to take with you since it is durable, functional, and stylish all at the same time. Some types of leather when age and beat up look […]

Tips To Rock That Biker Leather Jacket

Are you a biker? If your answers is yes, then is probable you belong to the 8.4 million bikers of the USA. If the answer is no, then don’t worry you could still rock that biker leather jacket and no one will be the wiser. Whether you ride a chopper, cruiser, street bike or touring motorcycle […]

Differences Between Cowhides and Sheepskins

We know there’s a lot of types of leather but today we are going to tell you the differences between cowhides and sheepskins leathers. So, whenever you are undecided about which one to use for your current project then read this and choose the better one for it. About Cowhide Cowhide leather or Cow skin […]

The Winter Must-Have Leather Items 2019

leather messenger bag 2

Winter is hereeeeee!.. and when it comes to our winter wardrobe simple coats and sweaters are not enough. Winter accessories and garments are just as important as other essentials. Staying warm is not the only thing one should take into consideration because our accessories leave a remarkable impact on our overall style and look. Getting your […]

3 Leather Items To Look Like A Celebrity

Whenever you think about fashion it must come to mind to own something in leather right?. That’s because leather is luxurious and really comfy and one of the reasons our favorite celebrities adore it. Here are 3 items that will help you look like celebrities. Leather Items You Should Own  Colorful Clutches and Handbags Your […]

Leather Belt Care: How To Keep Them Forever!

Leather belts are the best accessory for women and men. They are really useful and can make you look good paired with the perfect outfit. Also, they are practical, stylish and dependable. Knowing how to care for a leather belt properly is essential to really get the most out of it. If you treat your belt […]

Leather Craft Jewelry: The Newest Trend

leather bracelets

Are you feeling uninspired? like something is missing in your outfit? or perhaps like you need a new accessory? then this is the perfect time to get involved in your new DIY project. Get your inner crafter out and get inspired by these leather craft jewelry. Painted Leather Bracelet It’s super easy to customize this painted […]

Girls: How To Rock a Leather Vest

leather jacket 3

You already know the power of leather jackets but today we are going to tell you the many benefits of a leather vest. You’d be surprised at how fashionable and powerful can an outfit be with a simple leather vest. While is more casual and certainly more breezy than a leather jacket, this piece is perfect […]

Best Leather Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2019

Oh, 2019 is already here and with it comes our favorites holidays and special days. And talking about our favorites there’s Valentine’s Day just around the corner don’t you think?. So, here it is, the best Valentine’s gifts for girls and boys this year. The Best Gifts for Girls: Leather Handbags The essential Item in […]

Leather Wall Art: Ideas

Whether you are looking for a simple way to give a renovation to your house or your room, a leather wall or a wall hanging is a great idea. The texture of the leather is luxurious and it will add style to the place. See our ideas for a leather wall and see if it […]

History of Leather


After all these years we can surely say that leather is here to stay. Throughout centuries, leather remains a go-to textile for designers and consumers. We can honestly say that leather is a truly timeless feature of the fashion world that shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon. Today, we bring you a brief history […]

Leather Aprons: How To Care For Them

Leather aprons are really handy when we are doing some outside work or even when cooking. This piece of protective clothing is very low maintenance, but we have to give them love too. 5 tips to make your leather apron last a lifetime Tip 1: Remove Stains Let’s start off with an easy one. Make […]

Can I Wear Leather For The Office? Let’s Find Out!

So, here we are. Who says you can’t wear leather to the office? certainly not us. Come on! leather is perfect every time. However, we know using leather is not commonly accepted when we talk about work style. But, even though leather is edgy, there’s a way to incorporate it into a work wardrobe. The […]

Leather Wallets: The Perfect Gift For A Man

leather wallet 4

Whether is for his birthday or maybe on Valentine’s Day, finding the perfect gift for a man seems like hard work and sometimes you may think is even an impossible task. But we are here to help you. Just take note of this and get him the most beautiful leather wallet he’ll ever see. When […]

The Thickness of Leather: How To Measure It

leather pieces

The thickness of a piece of leather affects its durability and flexibility, meaning it’s important for the informed consumer to have a general idea of leather thickness is and what types of products each range is used for. There are several ways to measure the thickness of leather, which we will explain below. The Ounce We most […]

How To Protect Your Leather Items In The Coldest Winter

The warm and happy days are over and Winter is here. Winter perhaps is the season where our leather suffers more because of the weather. Is because of it, that we need to give our leather items the best possible care to protect them against the cold and prevent cracking or any other damage. Tips […]

FAQ’s About Leather Dyeing

peccary leather

We have some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about our leather and look what our experts have answered to this. How do I treat my full-grain leather? Just some leather balm will help get you started. Also, to extend your leather’s life, we recommend a deep clean at least twice a year and with leather […]

7 Items to Help You Get Organized in 2019

ostrich leather

Oh, It’s a new year!. One of the biggest and common resolutions that people made is to be or to get more organized. Since this is usually one of our top resolutions too, we listed 13 Items to help us all get organized in 2019. 1. The Leather Agenda This Item will help us to […]

How To Clean Ink Stains From Leather

Ink stains are a very common catastrophe. But, is not the end of the world so don’t panic. While ink is a resilient pest, and more difficult to clean out of leather than most other materials, it can be removed. Act fast, and it will find no foothold in your leather valuables. Keep handy these […]