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Leather Halters or Leather Headcollars: Horses Accessories

As you know, leather has thousands of uses and it has been like that for quite some time. Leather accessories can be seen in anyone, whether is a person or an animal. Today we’ll tell you the benefits of the leather halters or leather headcollars (if you are in the UK). So, a leather halter […]

How to clean Leather Seats

Today we’re going to tell you how to care for your precious leather seats, wether is your car seats or home furniture. Learn how to do it with this simple steps. We will tell you several methods that you can use to clean leather seats, from mild to aggressive. Most of the time you won’t need […]

Kidskin Leather: What is it?

If you are a leather fan then it’s very probable that you know what is a Kidskin leather. If you don’t, don’t worry we’re here to tell you all about it.  Kidskin is a skin or a hide that comes from a goat. This type of leather typically comes from the hides of a baby goat, also […]

Leather Lanyards: The Strangest Trend on Fashion

Year after year and even every season we see changes and trends everywhere. In 2016, there was a new trend and it was the strangest one we’ve seen so far. A utilitarian ease had trickled into the collections far and wide, from Louis Vuitton’s polished travelwear to Public School’s do-it-all jumpsuits. The unlikeliest iteration of this trend […]

5 Reasons To Own A Quilted Leather Jacket

if there’s something to consider when buying new pieces for your wardrobe are leather jackets. Actually, in recent years, there has been a new trend for quilted pieces, from vest and jackets to shoes. Quilted leather jackets feature a unique type of stitching in which there’s two or more layers of fabric rather than a single […]

How To Clean Leather Apparel

Every piece of leather apparel is a classic of your wardrobe. They can easily elevate your outfit in one simple step. But if the thought of the high-maintenance that comes along with owning leather is preventing you from donning it this fall, our care guide will help make the process simpler. Basic care: understanding how […]

4 Questions To Find Your Perfect Leather Jacket

Ok, now is safe to say you know the theme of this week right? yep, you got it, leather jackets. Leather jackets are perfect for every occasion, they are comfy, keep you warm and they are the best friend for every piece of clothing. You can pair them up with everything and they’ll always look […]

Choosing The Right Color for a Leather Jacket Based on Your Skin Tone

If you read our last blog you know we have some sort of fascination with leather jackets this week, and maybe is because spring is finally here (or autumn if you are on the north side of the world) but, it’s perfect for this awesome seasons. That’s why we are going to tell you how […]

What’s The Leather Jacket For Your Body Type?

You might have read in our blog about all the different types of leather jackets and which type of leather is best for jackets but, have you wonder about which leather jacket is best for your body type? no? yeah? well, today we are bringing you our best pick for you. So, you should pay attention […]

¿What are Peccary Leather gloves?

Our favorite material for gloves is peccary. Peccary is one of the most superlative and rare materials found in gloves. Therefore making it the most resplendent style available on the market today. ¿What is Peccary leather? Peccary leather is derived from the Peccary animal, which is part of the pig family. The best quality hides come […]

A Peek At The Past: History of Gloves

We all know Gloves have been around since the antiquity. Even the famous Homer’s The Odyssey mentioned the use of gloves when Laertes wore them to avoid the brambles in his garden. In the History of Herodotus from 440BC, the story tells us how Leotychides was incriminated by a gauntlet full of silver pieces that he had […]

How to Style Heels leather shoes

Heels are every women’s best friend. They are amazing for your posture and make your legs look great. Besides that they make you feel super feminine and sexy. One minor detail; heels leather shoes are not just as comfortable as your good old sneakers or flats. However there’s no point in denying that they look […]

New Trend Alert: Leather Hair Accessories

Leather hair accessories are not easy to find or to style but somehow, fashion shows around the world have made them come back. From butterfly clips to scrunchies to banana clips to tortoiseshell claw clips to bra strap headbands, the hideously tacky hair accessories outnumber the tolerable ones 8,000 to 1. 3 styles you can totally […]

A winter must have: Leather briefcase for women!

A style is something that you can’t learn everywhere and sometimes you either have it or not. Increasing your style credibility is easy, making the right choices of course. If we talk about accessories they can make or break an outfit and, if you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated style then a leather briefcase […]

Leather Dresses: 5 Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

We’ve talked about leather dresses before. How to style them, what you should wear with them and more. But today, we’re telling you the 5 common mistakes when using them. No excuses ladies, please avoid every single of them. 1. Wearing faux leather We all know faux leather is cheaper, which might be enticing for […]

Learn How to Make Your Leather Gloves Waterproof in 4 Steps

Leather gloves are a necessity when winter arrives or if you work maybe outdoors with a cold weather. However you look at it, leather gloves have become a necessity through the years but also have become part of your clothing in every season and every life event. If you don’t believe us then look at […]

Leather Joggers: How Not to Look Bad While Wearing Them

Leather joggers are one of those piece of clothing really comfy but also really casual. People who exercise wear them very often to go running, trekking and even to the gym. I mean, they were designed with that in mind but, people these days have been seemed wearing them in public while in a stroll […]

Learn How is Leather Dyed in 3 Simple Ways

By the time you receive your Peccary Leather Gloves or Peccary Leather skin, whatever is the case, a time-consuming process has been undertaken to create the perfect colored leather that makes your product unique. You will learn today the 3 ways that are leather dyed. Over time, the process of obtaining and transforming the raw […]

Men Leather Bracelets: A Brief history

Nobody knows exactly when is the first time that leather bracelets made an appearance since is really difficult to trace. However, there’s some evidence that the first humans who wore leather bracelets were the tribes, where a simple one would have meant that that person was the leader. In some recent history, well, as recent as […]

Leather Shorts: How To Wear Them

Whether you are in Spring (South Hemisphere) or Autumn (North hemisphere) leather shorts can be used and be enjoyed because they keep you fresh and are fun to wear, very practical for both seasons. Make a statement and use them with all the different styles we’re giving you today. Leather Shorts are T-shirts and Graphic […]

Best Leather Bracelets For Men

Bracelets are the most sought-after accessory for men in the recent years. they are sexy, they can be used for casual and formal wear and they are not that expensive. This accessory can improve your style and bring a slight enhancement to your outfit. They can be worn separately or combined with your outfit if […]

Leather Jackets: Mistakes when Using or Buying One

We all know leather jackets are IN right now and it’s a classic too. They are versatile and stylish and they have been around for more than a century so, you can be sure they’ll be around for quite some time more. In this blog, we have told you how to wear it, how to […]

Patent Leather: Evolution since 1818

In the 90’s, and especially towards the late 90’s, patent leather became the biggest trend in fashion. You could see it in runways, the street and pretty much everywhere. Everyone owned something with patent leather but to be honest, we didn’t know exactly what patent was and I think the millennial’s generation didn’t know either. We didn’t […]

Leather Backpacks: 4 Reasons You Should Own One

Every person in this world has used a backpack sometime in their life. Whether if it was in school or for traveling, everyone has used one. Backpacks are really useful, they can carry all your books, your traveling essentials, your clothes, etc etc. So, they basically carry the weight of the world on our shoulders […]

6 Signs That Shows You Are Crazy About Leather Handbags

If you are a fashion lady the probabilities that you own several handbags is pretty high. A very carefully chosen developer ladies handbag improves any specific costume. Whenever ladies buy a bag, they generally develop a touching connectivity that can last for many years. Women fashionable handbags come into play almost all shapes, dimensions, and colors […]

The 10th Coolest leather shops For Men Goodies

Today we bring you the best leather shops for men goodies. Perhaps you’ve realized that sometimes its really hard to give men gifts and we often get headaches just thinking about that perfect something that we could give them. Well, don’t worry anymore, men love leather and since its the most useful, durable and chic […]

Men: Learn How To Use a Brown Leather Shirt

It’s highly probable that you’ve been wearing leather jackets your whole life. Every famous person you come across must have a black leather jacket picture on the internet. Been there, done that right? But, have you ever thought about a leather shirt?. We know they’re not that popular but they are on trend this Autumn […]

How To Wear Metallic Leather Shoes

If you have been living under a rock, then probably you don’t know that metallic leather shoes are on trend. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out to get in the metallic leather shoes wagon. They can be stylish, super shiny and look really good on everyone. Follow this tips on how […]

5 Ways To Rock Your Leather Pants In Casual Events

If you love your leather pants and you somehow are looking to be fitted for a formal or casual event, just follow this 5 tips and prepare yourself to rock your leather pants. 1. Choose Slim Fit Baggy jeans are perfectly fine; many people actually prefer to wear jeans in a size or two bigger […]

Leather Glossary Part 3

Here we are, this is the last part of our glossary. Let’s see the last terms you need to know if you are a leather lover. Matte Finish A flat or dull finish. Metalized Leather Leather given a metallic lustre by the application of metallic foils or powders. Milling A process that produces suppleness in […]

Leather Glossary Part 2

The first part got you interested? let’s continue now. Corrected Grain Leather Leather from which the grain layer has been partially removed by buffing to a depth governed by the condition of the raw material and upon which a new surface has been built by various finishes. Cow Hide Hide from a mature female bovine […]

Leather Glossary Part 1

Today we bring you the first part of our leather glossary because we know there could be some misconceptions or you probably don’t know much about leather (which is great, because it means you’re really interested in the first place) Then let this be your guide. Altered Leather Leather that has had the original surface […]

The Top Ten Best Leather Gifts Ideas

Leather goods have always made great leather gifts, it doesn’t matter if its Christmas, a birthday or just a simple present for someone we care about, leather is always a good choice. These goodies are very beautiful, versatile and in some cases even within your means which means they can be very accessible. But what kind […]

Best Leather Cleaning Products Of 2018

As you might know, there’s a lot of products that come out every year and offer you to be the best care for your leather clothing and accessories. Unfortunately, this is not what happens all the time but fear no more, here in we will tell you our best choice for this year’s products […]

Ostrich Leather: An Inside Look At One Of The Most Luxurious Type Of Leather In The World

One of the most popular and recognized exotic skins is Ostrich leather. Originating in South Africa in the 1850s, it was discovered as a unique byproduct from the Ostriches farmed for their feathers & meat. Its distinctive nubs lend it a striking, unique look. Interestingly, its newfound popularity is not, strictly speaking, a new phenomenon; […]

Leather Technology: The Career For Those Leather Enthusiasts

Leather Technology is a branch of engineering which deals with synthesis, production, and refining of leather so that it can be put into efficient use. It also deals with the synthesis of artificial leather and its efficient use to make commercial goods. Also, Leather Technology forms a well defined professional figure; one who can apply traditional […]

Fish Leather: The New Eco Luxury Fashion Trend

While cow, sheep and goat leather is not a favorite commodity amongst vegans, there’s a new kind of leather that may just suit the ethical standards of animal lovers and environmentally conscious realists alike: fish leather. A long time ago, fish leather was used by people in Iceland and other countries, as a material for durable shoes […]

These Are The Hottest Accessories For This Summer

The right accessory can make the difference between a good outfit and a great one. And small leather accessories add an element of sophistication for every guy. Plus, you can wear (or use) them every single day. Here are some of the best ones that will make your life a little easier—and more stylish. Leather […]

12 Amazing Facts About Leather

We all know some facts about leather. Like it’s made from animal hides, it has a particularly nice smell and its super easy to clean. But there are also other facts we usually don’t know because, even though its part of how the industry works, it’s not really common knowledge. So, we are changing that […]

7 Tips to Rock a Leather Blazer

Some trends aren’t easy to pull off. The leather blazer is a perfect example of this, you can’t wear it with tennis and jeans but somehow it’s making his comeback and we’re are loving it. A leather blazer offers the perfect combination of timeless style, comfort and durability. Assuming it’s made of genuine leather, you […]

5 Ways To Enhance Your Leather Jacket

Here’s a reason why leather jackets are the preferred choice of outerwear among millions of men and women: They are stylish, comfortable and long-lasting — a combination that you won’t find in many other coats or jackets. Whether you’re heading to the office to work or running errands around town, you can’t go wrong with […]

Six Most Expensive Leather Jackets Hollywood Celebrities Own

A jacket is one clothing item that has lasted the test of time. While fighter pilots initially used them in the first world war during the 1920s, it wasn’t until the late 1940s or 50s when they started gaining popularity. Actors like Jimmy Stewart in the film Night Passage and Marlon Brando in The Wild […]

Get Ready For Next Summer With This Summer Bag Styles

Summer is almost here (if you are on the south side of the world) but if you are in the north side? Then summer is already there which in both cases is great, because you can enjoy the perks of this awesome season. One of our favourite things about summer is how much more adventurous […]

8 Leather Items Every Girl Should Own

Leather is to fashion what Madonna is to music. An essential Item that never goes out of fashion, and one that in recent years have been growing in demand, in clothes, garments, accessories, etc.  If you’re a fashion-conscious girl who’s always searching for new styles, you should consider the eight following leather items. Including these […]

5 Tests To Differentiate Real Leather From Fake Leather

Leather is a must when it comes to styling for both men and women. Many times it becomes a tedious task to identify between the real natural leather and synthetic artificial leather. The quality of the real and natural leather is far more superior as compared to the artificial one. Besides the quality, the durability […]

Wear Your Leather Belt Like a Boss

Leather belts are those under the radar accessory your outfit didn’t know it was needed until, you found that cute thin or huge belt that brings out the fashionista out inside of you. Belts are not only to hold your trousers up, they are the way to complete your neat and efficient look. Accessories are […]

The Psychology Behind Using Leather

The wearing of leather is an art form. Rarely the subject of whim, it’s attended instead by planning and forethought. Leather remains pure, like a good sentence, with context, structure, and meaning, it tells you the story. It’s both subversive and timeless. Some people will avoid you, will not give eye contact. And when you […]

Long Leather Jackets: The Trend to Watch This Fall 2018

People who’re fashion forward know that they have to start prepping for winter 2018 and that’s precisely what’s happening this fall. If you want to up your game and step out of the house looking like a diva, you have to invest in pieces that are comfortable to wear and exude style like long leather […]

How To Style A Beige Leather Jacket

If you are a leather jacket lover, then you know that the choices are endless, forms, fitting, colors, etc. There are so many choices that sometimes is hard to choose only one but, if you go for a classic look then you also know that black and beige are your best option. Today we are […]

The Complete Guide to Men’s Leather Hats & Caps Styles

Hats used to be an iconic piece of attire that would pull together a man’s ensemble and make him look well put together and refined. There was a huge variety of men’s leather caps and hats that once held center stage in terms of style, and in recent years, leather hats and caps have been put back […]