Types of gloves: A small introduction to diversity

Diversity may sound not really familiar when it comes to leather gloves. But there’s different types of gloves to mention and take consideration.

Gloves for Men

Great preparing relies upon detail. An expertly cut match of cowhide gloves can complete an outfit to flawlessness. Our scope of cowhide gloves for men is propelled by exemplary outlines of the past and affected by contemporary design. All our calfskin gloves are painstakingly developed from either deerskin or hair sheep cowhide with quality linings including cashmere and silk.

Mold Gloves

Utilitarian however lovely, functional yet emotional. The cowhide design gloves include a spot of shading and example to your closet, making moment style for the two men and ladies. From traditionally straightforward dark calfskin to splendid, offbeat hues and styles, this gloves are genuinely one of a kind. The scope of calfskin form gloves is described by our tender loving care – extraordinary fit, wonderfully delicate cowhide, cautious hand sewing and wearable plans.

Gloves for Women

Continuously in style. A couple of delightfully cut, delicate cowhide gloves never date. Run exemplary with sharp blacks and tans, or present day with energetic shading. Styles and hues to suit each inclination and outfit, all produced using our supersoft gloving cowhide and perfectly wrapped up.

Driving Gloves

Men’s and Women’s cowhide driving gloves made with the finest quality materials and accessible in a blend of exemplary and contemporary outlines, lined and unlined choices and a kaleidoscope of hues to look over.

Men’s Driving Gloves

For warmth, hold, mastery or out and out style, the top rated scope of driving gloves make the ideal present for the man in your life. Our driving gloves come both unlined for prevalent feel of the controlling wheel, or lined for those searching for extra warmth on those cold winter mornings. Consolidating style and super delicate sheep nappa cowhide they make the ideal assistant to keep in your glove compartment.

Ladies’ Driving Gloves

A fun design thing, a gesture to 1950’s chic and a handy answer for cool autos on nippy mornings.

Long Leather Gloves

Sentimental, exotic and debauched type of glove, the long cowhide gloves are a definitive proclamation. Produced using delicate calfskin and fixed with silk and cashmere, they are a delight to wear and add current excitement to winter nighttimes

Deerskin Gloves

Is particularly strong yet in addition delicate and adaptable. The characteristic shading varieties and etchings on the grain demonstrate the regular magnificence of this cowhide which has been utilized for gloves for a long time.

Innovation Gloves

Touch screen innovation is everwhere nowadays and being able to remain associated is fundamental in the cutting edge advanced age. Owning a glove that works with touch screens is one of life’s ideas to become true. Tap, squeeze and look as ordinary with innovation gloves from Southcombe which have unique material incorporated with the thumb, file and center finger to enact your gadgets.


Sheepskin Gloves

Keep the assaults of winter under control with the just cut, unadulterated sheepskin gloves. The regular twist of the fleece is within for incomparable protection and the sheepskin is deliberately colored in the drum to include shading without concealing the normal magnificence of the softened cowhide external. We’ve made them thusly for about 100 years despite everything they carry out their activity splendidly.

Driving Gloves for ladies

A fun mold thing, a gesture to 1950’s chic and a down to earth answer for cool autos on crisp mornings.

Silk Lined Gloves

There’s a reason that our dark cowhide, silk lined gloves are our successes. Silk-fixed gloves in chic dark or with a fly of shading complete any outfit to flawlessness. Our characteristic, 100% unadulterated silk linings give warmth without mass, and extravagance without trade off.

Cashmere Lined Gloves

At the point when just the sumptuous delicateness of cashmere will do. Flawlessly downplayed, our best quality cashmere linings cooperate with our spread delicate cowhide for additional glow and solace.

Cashmere Lined Gloves for men

Is finely spun, delicate and warm – better than a portion of the less expensive Far East cashmere available, you will feel the distinction! Ideal for the individuals who need a layer of sumptuous warmth in their cowhide gloves.

Silk Lined Gloves for men

Lightweight, delicate and misleadingly warm, the 100% unadulterated silk lining gives a touch of great extravagance to the cowhide gloves. Silk is perfect for the individuals who lean toward a little warmth in their gloves without the main part of cashmere or fleece.

Innovation Gloves for men

Touch screen innovation is everwhere nowadays. Tap, squeeze and look as typical with innovative gloves which have extraordinary material incorporated with the thumb, record and center finger to interact with your gadgets.

Sheepskin Gloves for men

They are a definitive winter hotter. The characteristic twist of the fleece gives idealize protection and will keep your hands warm during cold winters.