Wedding Custom: Bride’s Gloves


Why some brides wear gloves? Is it just fashion? tradition?

History says that during the 18th and 19th centuries, gloves were considered the best traditional wedding favor for all guests. Well-mannered ladies used them as a mandatory custom until 1960. Formal etiquette still recommends that a bride should wear gloves as a symbol of grace. If you do so, you will look so classy and elegant.

Bride’s gloves are a perfect complement for your dress. Choose simple if you have a ornate gown or viceversa.


Silk, kidskin, satin or lace are the best. Choose your gloves as a match to your dress.


Different lengths, from 1-button to 20-button. Always depends on your gown.

bridal elbow gloves

Nowadays, gloves depends on our personal style, what we are, what we like and want to show.

What kind of gloves would you wear?


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