The long path stablished by gloves

The craft of glove making is an ancient practice of thousands of years. Leather gloves are originally produced to protect the hands in cold weather or for use in manual labour. Over time they become a symbol of elegance, distinction, of a superior social class. But gloves weren’t always a wealthy stuff after all.

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The art of glove manufacturing

Like many other expressions of couture, the making of gloves is a meticulous job with a beautiful result. The quality of the materials and the skill of the craftsman can turn a simple pair of gloves into a work of art. This is the process for the glove, in which the selection of raw materials and processing techniques are fundamental.

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Peccary Leather from Peru

Peccary Leather is original from Perú. The word peccary is derived from the Carib word pakira or paquira. In Portuguese, a peccary is called pecari, porco-do-mato, queixada, or tajaçu, among other names; in Spanish, “javelina”, jabalí, sajino, or pecarí; in French Guiana and Suriname, pakira.

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Wedding custom: bride’s gloves

Why some brides wear gloves? Is it just fashion? tradition?

History says that during the 18th and 19th centuries, gloves were considered the best traditional wedding favor for all guests. Well-mannered ladies used them as a mandatory custom until 1960. Formal etiquette still recommends that a bride should wear gloves as a symbol of grace. If you do so, you will look so classy and elegant.

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Hollywood stars loved gloves

It was the look of that period. Elegance was the most important word in fashion. Tidy hairstyle, minimal hair accessory (maybe a hat), perfect lines in the dress, the suit and the gloves were the must-have items of a wardrobe.

Iconic Hollywood stars contributed to keep the gloves tradition in fashion between 1950s and 1960s.

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Gloves fashion trends 2015-2016

The fashion website made a fall/winter 2015-2016 catwalks review on accessories. The verdict comes as follows:

Let’s get elbow length gloves


These elbow length gloves look really sophisticated. Many celebrities used them in the red carpet and in fashion weeks. Best brands: Dries Van Noten, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Elie Saab and Prada.

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