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How To Protect Your Leather Goods From UV Radiation

You might be surprised by how common is to have your expensive leather good damaged by the sun. There’s a lot to like about sunlight. It’s warm and happy and refreshing, gets us our healthy daily dose of Vitamin D, and keeps our potted plants blooming all fragrant-like. There’s also a lot not to like about […]

How To Polish Your Black Leather Shoes Like A Professional

Usually, there’s two type of people, the ones who have been in the military and learned how to polish their shoes or the ones who have no clue about it and pay for them to be polished. Well, today for those who have no clue what to do, we will teach you how to polish […]

5 Tips To Keep Your Car Leather Seats Looking Good

So, you bought your expensive new car with leather seats and.. after only one year you noticed that your car leather seats started to look a little pale or let’s say they started to look dull in comparison to when you first brought it home. Well, this happens because of various factors but it all […]

How To Make Your Suede Last All Winter

While Suede shoes and jackets are the raves this autumn and winter season, it can be very difficult to protect the fabric from the elements. Rain, ice, snow, slush and the dreaded salt used to de-ice sidewalks are not friendly to suede shoes and boots. Some factors to note about suede are that it’s naturally porous and […]

All You Should Know About a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are an investment and we even dare to assure that almost 9 of 10 people has one in their wardrobe. Understanding how to properly care for it will help your investment go further. With proper care, there is no reason that your jacket should not last for many years, unless of course it goes out […]

How To Fix Wrinkled Leather

Let’s start by saying that wrinkles are the most horrid sight in the world to some, especially when viewed inside of a mirror. it symbolizes grit and resilience – wisdom gleaned from many years of hard-earned survival. Your answer to this contentious phenomenon will likely depend on your age. For your leather, less so. Wrinkled leather […]

How Should Leather Be Stored?

Our leather goods most of the time are not used on a daily basis. Weather can be a factor or maybe is that rule we once told you about letting your goodies to have a break. However, downtime can be rough on leather, especially if it’s in a place that’s unhealthy. Leather’s refreshed by natural daily […]

How To Clean & Condition Exotic Leather

As we all know, exotic leather is not cheap. If you have some exotic leather goodie then you’ll also know, that is not something you pick up on a discount rack at your local shopping center right?. This type of leather needs proper care, they need to be clean and conditioned regularly but we know […]

All About Stingray Leather Care

We know stingrays are not really in the top ten favorite seafaring beast list, but they are some of the oceans most beautiful creatures. Also, they are super deadly, if not, remember what happened to Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter who died when a stingray repeatedly stabbed him with his tail. Anyway, they are a […]

How To Protect Your Snake Leather Bag

Snakes are probably one of the deadliest species out there but they are also one the most beautiful ones. The slick, scaly shimmer of our reptilian friend emanates a shadowy coolness, only concealing its voracious primal nature by a distinctive serpentine cunning. There is both power and subtlety to be found in this most elegant of […]

How To Remove Blood Stains From Leather

Blood stains might seem odd to you (because we know where your thoughts went huh? a serial killer, a murderer, etc) but, actually, even a little finger papercut could make you bleed over a leather desk for example or your leather agenda. You can even be driving in your motorcycle when your biker jacket gets […]

How To Care For Your Expensive Ostrich Leather

As you know, an ostrich is an elegant animal and you can be assured that its leather is also high class. Also, as you may have guessed, ostrich is tremendously popular in fashion, garnering an immediate cult following with trendy ostrich feather hats, sassy handbags, and elegant boots and footwear. This exotic leather’s unique look and […]

How To Care For Your Suede Leather

We all know unfinished leathers (the ones closer to its natural form) are really something to be careful about. One single spill on them and they can be ruined. This leathers like nubuck and suede can be flexible, with a super supple texture and they can be colored with dyes, they are also really porous […]

How To Care For Your Baseball Glove

America and especially Latin America has a growing fascination for baseball. If you were a kid on any American country then you probably were in a baseball camp, a mini-league, etc etc. Leather gloves are part of this sport and we know that this item can lose its softness and can be damaged really quickly […]

5 Quick Remedies For Leather Problems

The leather is one of the most beautiful materials out there. Is durable, incredibly soft, warm and it can be found in pretty much anything. Sometimes we can have little mishaps when using our leather goods, like water stains, grease stains, etc. So, today we’ll bring you 5 quick remedies you can use to help […]

Everything You Need To Know About Lambskin Leather

Lambskin leather is beyond beautiful. It is as soft as leather can come and will make you feel as if you have a luxurious second skin. While it is beautiful and can make you feel wonderful, it is also more difficult to take care of because it is so fragile. Luckily, with a few simple […]

How To Protect Your Shark Leather

Shark leather is one of a kind. This pretty cool leather is really tough, has a beautiful and nice texture and a fine, grainy texture with smooth ripples.  In fact, word on the street says that shark skin is up to 25 times tougher than ordinary cowhide, more durable (making it a popular choice for […]

How To Dry Your Leather Goods

Whenever you are out, with your leather bag, leather jacket, leather shoes, etc, you don’t want them to get wet by rain or snow. That is a major rule when using leather, try to avoid getting them wet or soaked. Wet leather can be a real problem. If you’ve ever gone swimming for too long, you […]

Tips To Care For Your Leather Sneakers

Is well known that ladies shop obsessively for shoes and men treat their sports sneakers like some kind of sacred talisman. Whether you’re out braving the elements, striding through the hustle and bustle of a busy urban marketplace, or soaring across slick gymnasium hardwood in a heated game, it pays to make traction. Which is why […]

How To Care For Your Expensive Lizard Leather

This type of leather is a rare and expensive one, maybe because these creatures are the closest thing we’ve got to real dinosaurs, who knows right?. When you’re dealing with lizard skin, you’re going to have a wide canvas of wild and florid patterns and colors to choose between, and a leaping plethora exotic creatures, such […]

How to Get Rid Of Coffee Stains in Leather

Our loved coffee, some people call it the black gold, the morning dew, the sacred ambrosia, etc etc. Coffee has become a culture on its own. The tantalizing scent of roast coffee beans brewing is enough to drag even the most hardened sleeper out of bed faster than a spazzing alarm clock. So What Happens […]

2 Ways to Use Your Boots Over The Knee, Without Looking Tacky

This Fall / Winter season is always perfect to use our favorite pair of leather boots. But today we are going to tell you how to rock your over the knee boots without looking bad or tacky with these 2 combinations. Remember, over the knee boots are designed to fit your legs and be comfortable […]

Wear Your Leather Jackect Like The Celebrities!!

If you follow our blogs you already know how much we love leather jackets. They are a classic and they should be in every wardrobe!. Even though they originated in the rock and underground scene, they have become an essential element for everyone’s closet. However, with winter almost around the corner, you will surely be looking […]

How to Remove a Salt Stain From Your Leather Shoes

If you are accustomed to snow then you are accustomed to salt stains too. This white gold has been an extraordinarily valuable commodity all throughout history. It was the refrigerator before refrigerators were cool, a stand-in for money, and a magic spice to give pork chops that savory edge. Today, it also helps us keep our […]

Get Rid Of The Pesky Sunscreen Stains On Your Leather Goods

We all know that using sunscreen is a necessity these days with all the global climate change right?. How many times we have found sunscreen stains in our clothes? a lot, probably more than we’d like to. It’s the same when we talk about these pesky stains in our leather goods. For example, we go […]

6 Steps To Protect Your Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are fantastic, they are flexible, fashionable, practical and MADE OF LEATHER. There’s a lot of leather types like, deerhide, elkhide, sheepskin, goatskin and of course our favorite Peccary. These leathers typically have something in common, they are very soft and flexible. Also, leather gloves are extremely durable when made of full grain (you […]

Eel Leather : What Is It and How Can I Care for It?

If you don’t know or haven’t heard about Eel before, they are some slimy, wriggly ocean’s worm but don’t worry, Eel leather isn’t actually made from eel at all. Eel leather is made from the hide of the Pacific Hagfish, native to the Sea of Japan (like Godzilla of yore), a slimy, wriggly, worm-like fish that […]

How to Make Your Own Vintage Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are meant to be used as original as you can but, sometimes people prefer them with a vintage look or a faded-style but this is hard to find unless you inherit an old jacket from a familiar. However, this blog is all about the ways you have to make your own vintage or […]

3 Steps to Care for Shark Leather Shoes

Exotic leather is often more delicate than cow hides to mention one of the most common leather out there. Therefore, every type of leather is different and should be treated differently. Shark leather is world known for its rough, coarse texture. In the coarser developments of shark skin, it has been used like sandpaper for polishing. […]

Top 3 Best Leather Messenger Bags for Men

Messenger bags have been here for the longest time. They have a rich history and whether you are going on your first interview, doing a daily commute to work or class, the best leather messengers will not only demonstrate your sense of style but will also last you for several years. However, as you will quickly […]

How To Make Your Leather Shoes Shine

If your shoes are looking a bit dull and lacking that sparkle, and you’re not sure how to restore them back to their original beauty, let us show you what can make your leather shoes shine once again. The best way to do this is to grab the following items: good quality shoe brush, leather […]

How to Heal Cracked Leather in 3 steps

I think its very common for us to panic whenever we see a little scratch on our leather goods but what happens when we see them crack? We certainly think it’s the end of the world right?. Well, fear no more, we are going to tell you how cracked leather happens and how you can […]

¿What are Peccary Leather gloves?

Our favorite material for gloves is peccary. Peccary is one of the most superlative and rare materials found in gloves. Therefore making it the most resplendent style available on the market today. ¿What is Peccary leather? Peccary leather is derived from the Peccary animal, which is part of the pig family. The best quality hides come […]

How To Clean Leather Hats

You can find leather hats in every shape and style. They can keep you warm against winter winds and they can make you look so great you’ll probably make quite a fashion statement whenever you are using one. With proper care, they can last forever and today we’re going to tell you some tips about […]

How to Make Your Leather Jacket Smell Really Good

As you might know, genuine leather has already a nice pleasant smell, it’s not too strong or overbearing. Many people compare the amazing smell to a mixture of wood and spice. Over time, however, leather can lose this aroma. Although this doesn’t affect the quality or performance of the fabric, it’s still something that most people […]

3 Tips To Stretch Your New Leather Shoes

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that looked perfect but weren’t quite the right size and wondered “how can I stretch out these leather shoes fast?. I think we all have been through that, it could be frustrating and annoying but look at the bright side, you have the perfect pair of shoes […]

How To Package your Leather Goods for Traveling or Moving

You might have wondered sometime in your life about this right?. Often, we receive inquiries about how is the best way to package leather or how to care and storage for leather when traveling or moving. Well, when packing leather clothing, it’s important to take extra care to protect the goods, especially if you will be […]

4 Benefits of owning a Pair of Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are so good that it’s not surprising why most of the population prefers them against normal synthetic ones. Are they durable? Yes, so much that brands behind them can assure you that you will have them for decades if you properly care for them. However, you have to be careful not to mistake synthetic […]

How To Style Your Leather Pants For This Autumn Season (5 Tips)

Leather pants have been a fashion item since a long time ago, and we can absolutely assure you that it will never go out of style. A  good pair of leather pants is the perfect addition to any wardrobe and can be worn in almost any situation and yes, you can even wear a pair […]

6 Reasons Why Your Leather Jacket Is Stiff

There are times where we feel our leather jacket a little bit stiff or maybe too much right?, sometimes, so much that is not really enjoyable to use it anymore. Your leather jacket should feature a texture that’s soft and supple. If not, it may rub against your skin to create chaffing. Furthermore, stiff leather jackets […]

5 Tips When Buying a Man Messenger Bag

Bags are for everyone these days. Thanks to the evolution in men’s fashion, many luxury brands are now creating innovative designs for the men’s leather messenger bag. And for a good reason. According to a report, men’s bags accrued almost $2.3 billion worth sales in 2014 which surpassed the figure of women’s bags. Statistica forecasts the […]

How To Accessorize Your Leather Jacket This Winter (Dos & Don’ts)

We all know the right accessories can make or break an outfit. And while you can wear accessories the whole year, they are particularly tricky in the winter season. Maybe is because the layers we use or it could be the cold tones, however, the cold weather and seasonal transition associated with this time of […]

Leather Halters or Leather Headcollars: Horses Accessories

As you know, leather has thousands of uses and it has been like that for quite some time. Leather accessories can be seen in anyone, whether is a person or an animal. Today we’ll tell you the benefits of the leather halters or leather headcollars (if you are in the UK). So, a leather halter […]

How to clean Leather Seats

Today we’re going to tell you how to care for your precious leather seats, wether is your car seats or home furniture. Learn how to do it with this simple steps. We will tell you several methods that you can use to clean leather seats, from mild to aggressive. Most of the time you won’t need […]

Kidskin Leather: What is it?

If you are a leather fan then it’s very probable that you know what is a Kidskin leather. If you don’t, don’t worry we’re here to tell you all about it.  Kidskin is a skin or a hide that comes from a goat. This type of leather typically comes from the hides of a baby goat, also […]

Leather Lanyards: The Strangest Trend on Fashion

Year after year and even every season we see changes and trends everywhere. In 2016, there was a new trend and it was the strangest one we’ve seen so far. A utilitarian ease had trickled into the collections far and wide, from Louis Vuitton’s polished travelwear to Public School’s do-it-all jumpsuits. The unlikeliest iteration of this trend […]

5 Reasons To Own A Quilted Leather Jacket

if there’s something to consider when buying new pieces for your wardrobe are leather jackets. Actually, in recent years, there has been a new trend for quilted pieces, from vest and jackets to shoes. Quilted leather jackets feature a unique type of stitching in which there’s two or more layers of fabric rather than a single […]

How To Clean Leather Apparel

Every piece of leather apparel is a classic of your wardrobe. They can easily elevate your outfit in one simple step. But if the thought of the high-maintenance that comes along with owning leather is preventing you from donning it this fall, our care guide will help make the process simpler. Basic care: understanding how […]

4 Questions To Find Your Perfect Leather Jacket

Ok, now is safe to say you know the theme of this week right? yep, you got it, leather jackets. Leather jackets are perfect for every occasion, they are comfy, keep you warm and they are the best friend for every piece of clothing. You can pair them up with everything and they’ll always look […]

Choosing The Right Color for a Leather Jacket Based on Your Skin Tone

If you read our last blog you know we have some sort of fascination with leather jackets this week, and maybe is because spring is finally here (or autumn if you are on the north side of the world) but, it’s perfect for this awesome seasons. That’s why we are going to tell you how […]