Handmade or not?

Handmade leather goods is an overused term in our industry. Yes, we are guilty of it to a degree. What do you consider to be handmade? Should we pay more for handmade?

You can cut leather by hand or with the help of a machine, usually a press that uses a die to cut a specific shape out of the leather.  When cutting straps you can do it with a straight edge and a knife, a hand strap cutter, or a machine that can do multiple straps at once.

The only advantage to hand cutting is you have no upfront costs. Cutting 100 of the same piece out by hand and have them be identical is unlikely, and also it is time consuming. When using a die to cut leather, you can click out 100 pieces exactly the same in much less time. You end up with identical pieces,  however, there is a lot larger upfront cost. You have to purchase dies and a press. But in the end, you end up with a better product.

When it comes to edge finishing there are many ways to do it. You can edge with a hand edger, a power machine edger, or a manual machine. All 3 will give good results, hand is the slowest, power machine the quicker than a manual machine.

Now the big one, stitching. We will not argue the point, a good saddle stitch is stronger than a machine lock stitch. Yes if a lock stitch breaks it can unravel the entire length, but if either stitch should break, they both still need to be prepared.

At the end of the day the choice is yours, pay more because it says “handmade” or not. Kind of similar to paying more because of the logo stamped on the leather.

How to incorporate more leather into your life

Feeling out of style lately? We don’t blame you. With all the responsibilities of daily life, it isn’t everyone’s first priority to flip through magazines for inspiration. Which is why we’ve done the digging for you! If your current lifestyle feels a bit boring, we hope these suggestions will help you incorporate more leather into your life.

Why Leather?

Whether it’s a jacket or a sofa, our favorite purchases always involve leather – good quality leather is timeless.

We believe that nothing makes a statement better than leather. Not sure how you can add touches of leather into your everyday life? Here are a few ways:

Add Accessories to your Home

looking jazz up your interior space? Quality leather can go a long way when it comes to home furniture and décor. Completely redecorating your home can be extremely expensive, which is why we’ve brainstormed a few affordable purchases you can make without spending all of your savings. Here are a few of our favorite leather items that are simple, yet sophisticated:

  • Sofa
  • Chairs
  • Pillow covers
  • Picture frames

Spice up your Wardrobe

Whether you’re looking to dress up or dress down your daily outfits, leather accessories are the perfect way to inspire your closet and stay on trend. If you’re into the look of leather but don’t necessarily agree with the way it’s made, there are many alternatives such as vegan leather. Investing in quality leather accessories will help your closet become timeless. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Belts
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Cardholders

Cover your Tech

Nowadays, tech gadgets are seen as a necessity and choosing a case is definitely a millennial struggle. Between the hundreds of options online and in electronic stores, it can be difficult to narrow it down. A great option is opting for the plain leather. While it may seem less funky, you probably won’t get tired of it after a few weeks. Another bonus is that leather won’t scratch or damage any of your expensive tech gadgets.

Tips on Finding the Best Leather Wallet

In the world of wallet making, you should know that there are a lot of corners manufacturers can cut to save on cost, I’ll point out the most obvious ones for you here.

Let’s take a look at a few tips that will likely help you decide what kind of leather wallet choose:

Type of Leather

If you follow my blog or have read a lot of my product descriptions you will see that I push the term Full-Grain Vegetable-Tanned leather a lot. I cannot stress how important it is to buy a leather wallet that is made from this style of leather tanning. It is undoubtedly the strongest form of leather a wallet maker can use for at least two reasons.

Style of Construction

The vast majority of wallets out there are stitched together. I will admit, I do like the look of a nice stitch job. There are two things to note about that though: how was it stitched, and well…stitching always wears out at some point. Most stitch wallets are manufactured using leather sewing machines and this can be a big hidden problem for the customer. Sewing machines use what is called a ‘Lock Stitch’ and without getting too technical I will just say this: if one thread breaks on a lock stitched wallet, the entire wallet will unravel quickly. Hand stitching is much better than a machine but you still have to consider the tragic flaw of a thread being used on a leather item that gets heavily abused.

Quality of Materials

We already touched on the types of leather, but how about where that leather came from? And how about any hardware used with it like rivets, snaps, grommets, chains, clips? Where the leather comes from plays in as a huge factor as far as quality goes. There are thousands of tanning companies across the globe…and most of them are not doing such a great job. The local cows could be malnourished and produce poor hides, local regulation might be too loose for environmentally sound tanning, the cuts of leather and coatings on it will vary drastically from batch to batch.

The hardware used on wallets is very important too. Leather does not respond well to rusting items and as such, you should only choose wallets made with solid brass or stainless steel hardware. Solid brass currently is a bit pricey, but well worth it in the long run.

Location of Construction

who is making that wallet anyway? In today’s world it’s easy to pass off a wallet as being made from a local maker in another country…but if you dig into their site, blog, social media, is that really the case? Large manufacturers are using marketing techniques to pass off mass produced items as being handmade by small shops, surprise surprise!

Maker Warranty

Does the maker behind the wallet you want offer a good warranty for fixing it down the road? Lots of things can happen to that wallet, and sometimes there’s a defective piece of leather or hardware – will they replace or repair it? You want to find a maker that stands behind their work and is in it for the long run. All warranties are not created equal though – keep in mind how big or small the shop is. Some makers that are very small and treat wallet making as a hobby can give great personalized customer service in cases like this…but will they still be around 5 to 10 years from now if you need some repair work done?

Hopefully, this tips will help you decide which leather wallet is good enough for you. Please let us know in the comments below.

5 reasons to make a leather messenger bag your laptop bag

About a century ago if I had told my buddies that I was in a coffee shop working, it could only mean I was a waiter, a coffee maker or a hard-cored bluffer. With the advent of the laptops it is definitely not the case anymore. It has empowered us to relocate our workplace from the dowdy monotonous office cubicle to almost any place where we can find solace and hence work efficiently. This miraculous invention that aids us in all walks of life has become quintessential and needs to be carried with us wherever we go. It is obviously not possible to carry them around in our hands every time. So when one goes to purchase a bag for one’s laptop it is always difficult to choose the best. Here we are to help you through this difficulty.

One of the major confusions will be in making a decision as to whether to pick a backpack or a messenger bag. On point, messenger bags are the best suitor to your beloved laptops, since it has better weight distribution capabilities and hence does not cause any sores on your shoulders.

Secondly, you need to find the best material type for your messenger laptop bag. There are three main types of material for making messenger bags:

  1. Canvas
  2. Nylon/pleather
  3. Leather

Who are we kidding? When we know leather is an option, why look for others? Unlike canvas, leather messenger bags are abrasion and water-resistant.

Let’s take a look at this 5 reasons:

  • They give you the most urbane, classy and professional look.
  • These bags help you find things quickly.
  • Leather messenger bags are the most comfortable for your laptops.
  • They are appropriate for men of all age groups.
  • Leather messenger laptop bags can outcast generations.

what do you think? are we right or you still think backpacks are the best option?

The Proper maintenance for your leather bags

For all fashionistas out there, bags are the ultimate fashion accessory and that’s why we’re gonna tell you how to make it last forever! not really but, for the longest time possible. However, keeping it clean is important to use it anytime & anywhere. Bags are likely to experience wear and tear often. If your leather bag has experienced the same, it’s high time to take care of it so you can keep it for a long time.

The modern-day stress and fast life have made it difficult for us to take care of our things, particularly, leather bags. However, this fashion item needs to be maintained so that it remains your companion for long. Well, you might think that cleaning and maintaining your bag is a task in itself. But this entry will help you discard this notion and know some useful tips to clean your genuine leather bag properly.}

  • Start from the Exterior: The exterior of your leather bag is often subjected to the severities of the external environment. So, it is possible that the exterior of your bag develops wear and tear. We recommend that you should clean your bag from exterior once in a week. You may take a drop of liquid soap and mix it with warm water. Use this to clean the exterior of your leather bag.

  • Put more attention to interior: The interior of your purse will keep all your utility tools. Hence, it is possible that the interior succumbs to wear and tear. Empty all the contents of the bag. The corners of the bag are more likely to absorb the maximum dust particles. It’s time to put your vacuum to practice and let it suck all the dust particles. Once the dust has been sucked out, use a cloth dipped in soapy and warm water to clean the inner side of your leather bag.

  • Remove stains and let it shine again: There can be many stains on your bag. It primarily depends on how you are using your bag. Stains can develop anywhere, exterior or interior of the leather bag. Irrespective of big and small stains, both require equal attention Use a cotton cloth/swab and dip it in alcohol to remove these stains and get back the lustre.

Steps to clean your leather bag:

These are some of the steps to clean your leather bag. However, we provide a few quick tips for your reference:

  1. Never place your bag in the sunlight as it might develop cracks or fade the color.
  2. Opt for cotton cloth or natural sponges to wipe the bag to avoid any scratches.
  3. Try reconditioning the leather of your bag once in 15 days.
  • Mix 1 part distilled white vinegar with 2 parts linseed oil
  • Mix well and apply it all over your bag
  • Keep it for 10 minutes and clean with a cotton cloth

Keeping your leather bag clean and lustrous is definitely a good idea if you’re fashion freak and loves to stay updated to fashion every time. Well cleaning your bag won’t be a big task if you follow above mentioned steps. So keep cleaning your bag and stay fashionable!!

The best leather for your bag

Several years ago, bags were used as a storage commodity and hence, people really didn’t care about what kind of bag they were using. These days, bags have become a necessity, either as an accessory or a storage companion, but always in a stylish way. Bags can tell a lot about your personality and if you haven’t read about it just click here.

Either way, society has become very selective and seek to choose the best bag for them. When picking up the best bag, the quality is a major factor of decision, usually, the quality of leather plays a vital role apart from space, pattern, etc. As far as leather is concerned, there are plenty of leathers available in the market.

These vary in price and quality. But, it is critical to understand the importance of every leather type so as to pick the best one. To help you make wiser decisions about the quality of leather, this blog will explain to you the importance of different types of leathers; Full Grain Leather, Top Grain Leather and Genuine Leather.

The full-grain leather generally comes from better quality hide or skin. In order to retain the quality of the leather, no sanding process is applied. By sanding process, we mean adopting sanding techniques to sand away natural grains from the top of the surface of the leather. Hence, many times, sanding washes out the natural look of the leather. In case of full grain leather, natural look is retained and it is considered as the best leather demonstrating the grain features of the animal from which it was taken. Hence, it ‘tops’ the quality list of the best quality of leather.

Besides this, the second type of leather, Genuine leather is another kind of leather. Unlike full grain leather, sanding processes are applied to its surface. It washes away the natural look of the leather making it inferior than full grain leather. Although ‘Genuine’ is confused to be superior, but realistically, it is a little bit inferior than Full Grain Leather. That’s why the word ‘Pure’ often confuses buyers.

The third grade leather is Top Grain Leather, which is produced with the hide left after the top is used. Often, the surface of the Top Grain Leather is painted in order to make it look superior. This type of leather is cheaper but doesn’t stay for long duration.

These three types of leather demonstrate their own quality aspects. However, when best leather is talked about, full grain leather tops the list. The bags manufactured using full grain leather are here to stay for long!

Do you love backpacks? We do too.

Backpacks are a staple for many types of people: working professionals, travelers, hikers and, most of all, students. While the idea of strapping your gear to your back is older than we can say, the modern student backpack is quite young—only about 44 years old—and has seen many new fads and changes in a short amount of time. From leather straps to JanSport packs, here’s a look at how students have carried their books through the years:

The first vessels for students’ books weren’t pack-like at all, but rather a strap of leather or cloth (basically a belt) that was fastened around a stack of books to make them easier to carry. Straps remained in use for many decades (viewers of Netflix’s The Get Down, which is set in the 1970s, may have noticed that Ezekiel carries his books to school with a book-strap), but they eventually went out of fashion.

In 1938, when Gerry Outdoors invented the first backpack with a zipper, backpacks were still primarily in use for hiking, camping and alpine recreation. Between the 1930s and ‘60s, some kids also made use of canvas or leather bags with a single strap, miniature briefcases that were usually called satchels, for trips to and from school. Some students could also be seen carrying their academic luggage on their backs in squared leather bags, fastened shut with buckles.

But by and large, students were stuck toting their supplies by strap or by hand. In the book The Hippie Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Other Mountains: How JanSport Makes It Happen, the original JanSport salesman Skip Yowell wrote that in 1972, “students had no choice but to tote their textbooks and notebooks around campus with their hands. Some tied a belt around them or clutched them to their chests as they walked.”

Since then there is no looking back. Backpacks became a necessity than a novelty. Be it high school, office, college or trips one gets attached to one’s backpack.

Reasons to love a Backpack

  • Backpacks are attractive. They come in many shapes, forms and sizes. You can find your best match. Leather backpacks suit almost anybody. Once you wear them, they shed any dowdy appearance and give you a look that can only belong to a fashion idol. They make all heads turn towards you.

  • Leather backpacks are biker’s best companion. Abrasion-free, water-resistant, heat-resistant and durable as they are, they can survive any harsh climate and thus do not cause any wear and tear. They keep your things safe. They are sturdy and extremely reliable.

  • Leather backpacks can hold a million things. Unlike sling bags/ messenger bags, which are used to carry only a laptop or a few books, backpacks can carry almost anything and everything ranging from books to clothes. They never say no to fit in anything.
  • A variant of the leather backpacks called the leather rucksacks are an irreplaceable travel assistant. They are used for mountaineering, hiking, trekking, casual country-side tripping and what not. If you are looking for one bag for all these trips then hands down leather rucksacks have no competition.

  • Backpacks are a rescue from the lopsided back pain caused by other bags. Side bags, sling bags and messenger bags, cause a lot of strain on just one side of your body, sometimes even leaving an impression on your skin. Who doesn’t want a way out of this? Of course all of us do, and the streamlined way out is the use of backpacks that distribute load evenly across the shoulders.
  • It is an epitome of beauty and utility. Multi-pocketed, spacious, compartmented yet sleek classy and chic, leather backpacks win everybody’s attention in a fraction of a second. For many, it is lo0ve at first sight. They just know by the first glance that this bag is their most suited match measured both in terms of usage and appearance.

There is one leather backpack for everyone’s need and taste. Backpacks have become such an inevitable product of necessity that they are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Due to its durability, sturdiness and chic designs, leather backpacks are the most sought after. Their colors range from brown to black.

Handbags: what does it says about you?

Every girl has a bag or multiple bags right? is a necessity, an addiction and of course we just can’t only buy one, even if we are on a budget. so, we are normally known better by our accessories, especially bags. There are different kinds of bags liked by women. The wide-variety of bags include clutch, tote bags, incognito bag, small duffel, backpack, satchel and many more. Ladies put these bags to different uses and team up them with an appropriate look.

For example, if you’re going to a party then a clutch is essential or if you’re a college party goer then a tote would be your fav choice. Also, if you like adventure a backpack is the smartest choice or for overnight stays or even a pajama party, small duffel bags work perfectly. Different ladies have different tastes. And these bags have many things to reveal about your personality.

Let the bag tell us what kind of girl are you


  • Clutch: If you’re too fond of a clutch bag, then you’re a party goer. Clutches look perfect when teamed up with gowns and dresses. A lady who likes a clutch possesses an elegant attitude and sophistication is usually her surname.  It is perfect for a date, dinners, and parties.

  • Tote bag: These kinds of bags look good with casual styled clothes. Jeans, topic, a one-piece can be accessorized with a tote bag to look astonishing. A lady who is fond of tote bag usually likes being simple yet stylish.
  • Small duffle: Women fond of small duffel can be a big-time traveler. Such ladies like traveling and overnight stays. Small duffle usually has significant space to carry important things. Travelling can be super-fun with a small duffle along.

  • Satchel: This kind of bag is perfect for a girl with a casual look. Whether you’re going college, picnic, movie, hangouts, the satchel is good-to-go anytime.

These are some of the commonly used bags by different ladies. Although these serve a different purpose and look good with different clothes, a lady will definitely have all these in her wardrobe. We cannot carry one bag all the time and more importantly, at different occasions. Then why not try different bags and look perfect every time.

We know that a lady is incomplete without a bag. Hence, bags must be picked as per the occasion and look acquired. Ladies, we hope this was really enlightening and we can’t wait for you to tell us what kind of handbag defines you.

Men: your bag says what kind of man you are!

For men, a bag has become an integrated style accessory. Different bags mean different personality traits for different men. If you like carrying a backpack then you love traveling and wish to remain on the move often. However, if you carry a satchel, you love wearing casuals. For gym freaks, small duffel is an appropriate choice. There are plenty of things, a bag can tell about what types of men are you. A bag can help define you! There is wide-variety of bags that men might have in their wardrobe including duffle, satchel, messenger, backpack, small duffel etc. This piece will help us know different personality traits acquired by men by observing their bags.

  • Small Duffle: If you use one of this then you are a Gym lover and you don’t like leaving things behind. Hence the small duffel back to carry your things nicely and organized.
  • Backpack: If you enjoy a good backpack then you’re probably a free and spirited soul or maybe you love going to outings and getting rid of all the stress after a busy week.

  • Satchel: A businessman, that’s what it says a satchel. You probably don’t like going to outings or the gym but you like to be ready for business if necessary, usually carrying your laptop with you and business documents. This is the preferred complement of a man who enjoys the seriousness of life.

  • Duffel: This one probably means that you are a travel freak and love spending time with family, friends and even nature. Usually, it means you enjoy the freedom that gives exploring new places.

All the above bags show different traits about different men. But one thing is common, the love for their bags!!

Here are few tips we provide when selecting bags for you.

  1. Know your interest
  2. Know your budget
  3. Know your requirement
  4. Know your purpose
  5. Know yourself

These are some of the tips needed when buying an appropriate bag meeting your needs.

Myths and Misconceptions about leather backpacks

Myths and misconceptions are everywhere and almost about anything. some of them are backed by superstitions, some just because of bad experiences and others because of misunderstandings. whatever the reason may be, these myths hold us and sit in our mind for years, until and unless you are enlightened to the truth by some trustworthy source.

Now, we are going to tell you about the most recurrent myths and misconceptions about leather backpacks that might be holding you back from buying one or simply just giving them a chance.

Let’s take a look at the most common myths and misconceptions

  • Leather Backpacks are super heavy. No, they are not, leather bags go through a process called tanning through which gives them a soft touch with lightweight. If anyhow you have encountered a heavy leather bag then beware, because it’s not a genuine leather bag.

  • The small size of straps would not be able to take the weight. Again a myth, everything in a leather backpack is made up of the same material. The leather manufacturing companies give attention to straps also and not to just the body of the bag as straps are the first bearers of the weight, because of that there are three layers of leather just on straps.

  • It will not last long if used on daily basis. We don’t know where does this myth came from but it doesn’t hold any truth. Just like you adjust, the leather bags also do adjust but they don’t give up. Leather backpacks are actually meant to be used daily as they are tough and not fragile like other material bags. The full-grain leather bags are tanned with high-grade oils and preservatives which give a life of 30-40 years.

  • It is not good for your back. The material “Leather” has nothing to do with it. It all depends on the type of the bag, messenger bags and crossbody bags are not good when you are carrying heavy weight in them like laptops and its accessories. The perfect way to carry heavy stuff is to carry it in a backpack. In a nutshell, if you are experienced back pain or shoulder pain, it is because of the wrong choice of bag you are carrying and not because of the leather bags.

  • Leather Bags are not Waterproof/Weatherproof. This myth stands next to impossible, leather bags are tanned and waxed just to be tough enough to stand against any weather. There’s no doubt that genuine leather bags can stand both strong direct sunlight and rain, cracks are never formed in the leather bags, genuine leather bags.

So, hopefully, we make you change your mind about leather bags and make you see how useful and practical they are. They are incredibly stylish so, flaunt your leather bag with style and if you don’t own one, we have given you few reasons to have one.


Men’s leather accessories: which one is your favorite?

Accessories are super important, they complement your outfit and are a reflection of who you are. Whether you’re going out with friends, to a workplace, a marketplace, etc, leather is a material that can easily make you look glamorous and classy. Now, let’s take a look at these accessories that should be a part of the workday wardrobe of every man.

Accessories that will change your life.

  • Leather duffel bags. They are something that it’s not only stylish but incredibly useful too. You can use them at the gym, business travels, to the office and more. They are really versatile. Also, can you imagine having all your essentials in only one bag? don’t worry anymore, you can use your cute leather duffel bag for it and be always ready for any occasion

  • Leather messenger bag. This type of bag has been in men’s fashion for a long time. They always remain to be a tried and true classic. The simplicity of the messenger bag screams elegance, functionality and gives you a professional look when needed.

  • Handmade leather bracelets. This bracelets usually have impressive designs and looks amazing on everyone.

  • Leather Gloves. A good pair of leather gloves is an essential men’s accessory that can go the distance, is always affordable and trendy, practical and stylish.

  • Leather belts. They are a reflection of your dress sense and personality. Men have been wearing them since 1920. There’s no doubt that a brown or black leather belt is always a good investment because they are a classic and match almost any look and outfit.


  • Leather shoes. Shoes are a must-have in every men closet. Whether is wedding, retirement dinner or a funeral, you’ll need to wear something formal like a pair of leather shoes. Black and brown are always the safest options.

  • Leather briefcase. Whether you are on a business trip busy cracking that zillion dollar deal or dreaming of getting there, one thing that should hit the jackpot at all times is how you style yourself and a briefcase is capable of perfectly balancing both fashion and substance at the same time.

  • Leather Wallet. Used almost every day, wallets are an inseparable item in everyone’s life. Whenever and wherever you go, your wallet goes with you. The material and design of your wallet can define your practicality and classes. A fine leather wallet can make any man look classy and professional, turning him into a gentleman. A good quality men’s leather wallet can leave a great impression on the people around every time you pull it out of your pocket.

As there is almost no room when it comes to men accessories, so you really need to make your pieces count and stand out. By taking note of the aforementioned bits of advice, you would, beyond a shadow of a doubt, be able to acquire some really good leather accessories that will last you a lifetime.

Leather Bags Vs. Nylon Bags: what you need to know.

Would you go on a vacation with a leather bag or Nylon bag? The finished products or both type of bags look very good but you must first consider your needs. Let’s take a quick look at these types of bags.

A quick Look at Leather Bags

Leather in its most basic form is made from the hide of an animal. On processing the hide, they are well cleaned to remove hair and debris after which a chemical process is used stretched and tan the hide. The end product can either be a soft leather (mostly used for fashion), hard (travel) or suede. Leather bags are quite strong and durable. With a good finishing touch, these bags are highly fashionable.

A quick look at Nylon Bags

Known for its flexibility in manufacturing all sought of products from travel bags to wallets, these bags are man-made using polymers as material. Relatively cost-effective, it comes in all forms and colors and quite suitable for less strenuous use.

Nylon Vs Leather. Let’s take a look at this facts.

Nylon Bags Leather bags
  • Nylon bag are less expensive when compared to a leather bag.
  • Strong and resistant is one of the coolest advantages of leather bags. Say goodbye to scrapes and scratches. Your bag will last longer and withstand tougher conditions that nylon bags won’t even dream of.
  • Unfortunately, nylon bags of low quality most times don’t have high or strong quality zips, bag handles or pockets.
  • Provides extra protection for the contents in the bag that nylon does not.
  • Highly elastic. This type of material is really elastic and flexible which is a good thing if you have to put it in tiny places. Don’t take much space.
  • Leather bags also create the right balance between style and practicality due to its low cost, and will not go out of fashion (at least not any time soon).
  • Environmentally unfriendly, not recyclable. In case contrary to leather bags, Nylon is not recyclable.
  • Sharp Objects don’t stand a chance with leather bags. Now for those of us, who travel around with sharp objects; don’t take a second look at a nylon bag even if it’s sold for 5 cents.
  • The cost of repairing a nylon bag when they break is in most times not worth it.
  • Leather bags can easily be fixed with less effect on the initial quality. Just fix, polish and enjoy your bag.

Lastly, ensure you use suitable conditioners on a regular basis to nourish the leather. Always test out the conditioner on a small hidden spot to see its effect before applying on the general surface.

Ok people, when planning your next vacation it’s important you consider the travel needs and choose your bag wisely so, keep that in mind.

Which type of leather is right for you?

There’s a lot of types of leather, they come from all over the world and each has their own special characteristics. As quality leather is such a big part of who we are, you may be interested to know more about the benefits of each type and find out which leather you need to look out for in your perfect glove. Today we’ll be highlighting the top three regarding the quality, softness, and uniqueness.

  • Peccary

Peccary store is one of the few glove manufacturers in the world that still uses this very special leather, which is sourced from wild hogs. One key reason for this is because only a master glove cutter with unique skills can cut it. It’s also a difficult leather to sew, as our seamstresses in the factory will be quick to tell you!

Want to turn heads? Choose our peccary gloves here.

Origin: South America

Characteristics: Rare and luxurious, peccary –  often considered to be the ‘king of leather’ – has a textured surface, and is very supple. If you own a pair of durable peccary gloves, they will definitely accompany you for years to come!

  • Hairsheep

Hairsheep is the smoothest of the bunch, and considered to be the most popular leather for dress gloves. Interestingly, the sheep that provides the leather grows hair (not wool), hence its name.

Hairsheep is a versatile leather; several styles of glove can be crafted from it

Origin: North Africa, Ethiopia and Nigeria

Characteristics: This type of leather is known for its great strength and natural elasticity, which helps the glove to fit properly. Hairsheep is neither thick nor bulky, but is instead a lighter material to work with. Best of all, hairsheep is buttery soft to the touch, and provides lasting comfort for the wearer.

  • Deerskin

Generally favored by men, deerskin is a great material to work with – no wonder it makes its way onto our list of favorite leathers!

Origin: North America

Characteristics: Just like hairsheep, deerskin leather also has great strength and natural elasticity. What makes it different, however, is the texture: it has more of a pebbled appearance. Deerskin is also one of the heavier and hard-wearing leathers around.

Now that you have more of an insight into the diverse world of leather, we hope this guide has helped you choose the right glove for you!

A guide to leather grades

The leather industry is opaque, complex, and sometimes intentionally misleading. In order to understand why some leather products are much more expensive than others and to protect oneself from bad purchase decisions, some leather education is necessary. Therefore, we would like to give you a brief and straightforward overview guide to leather grades.

Leather Grades

Even though there is no standardized grading system, most manufactures rank leather grades in the following descending order in terms of durability and authenticity: full-grain leather, top-grain leather, split leather, and bonded leather.

Keep in mind that full-grain leather, top-grain leather, and split leather can all be described as “Genuine Leather” which can be confusing and deceiving.  It is also important to remember that there are many subcategories of leathers and numerous leather optics, i.e. surface patterns. However, not every optic can be crafted from every leather grade.

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8 Advantages of Peccary leather

Leather is a fabric that has been used by humans to make clothes and accessories, long before the fashion industry as we know it appeared. It has been in all eras, by pretty much every culture and they knew why they were choosing it. Leather is a great material that protects the human body or goods; it is comfortable and long-lasting. You’ll see the advantages of having a nice peccary leather good.

There are a lot of leather types which can be turned into a very long palette of products and many people occupy their time with manufacturing leather goods, as there’s nothing like a hand-made leather piece. Some people and take their craftsmanship to a different level and turn it into great brands. To give you an example, Our own brand, Peccary Leather Store is a Peruvian brand that focuses on creating high-quality hand-made leather goods, focusing on gloves, that are hand-sewn from local hides and thread. We can basically make anything for our customers, which reflects our idea of reappropriating the way in which people used to relate to those who created their goods. What’s amazing about Peccary is that we make personalized products and in terms of style, we think very much of unique goods. Having something made especially for you gives you an amazing feeling and truly reflects our ideology, that the things you wear and use influence your attitude. Being unique in a world of mass-produced goods is definitely something great, which is why we love the Peccary leather and our Brand.

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Why is leather used in all your favourites accesories and bags?

Leather has been used through history as the primary source of clothing. It’s one of the of man’s earliest and most useful discoveries. Our ancestors used leather to protect themselves from the elements. Primitive man hunted wild animals for food, then made clothing, footwear,  bags and crude tents from the hides. Later, we might have read about kings and queens using them as a luxurious and elite piece of clothing, often related to the wealth of certain people but nowadays, is a symbol of quality, durability, and style in most pieces we all wear.

Bags are probably the most common accessory made of leather we can find, and that’s because of their wear purpose, which makes them timeless and stylish. So, we can establish that leather’s popularity is rooted in its renowned quality and durability as well as its style and timelessness.

The strength and resilience of leather make it extremely practical to use, not only for luggage but also for an everyday bag or accessory (like totes, belts, wallets, etc). Leather bags grant protection of your items and are sure to last a long time. Real leather is a tough and durable material, with plenty of character, which improves over time and can last decades.

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The best kind of gloves in this world

For a long time, we’ve been buying the wrong kind of gloves, the most convenient ones, the cheapest ones and even those for 5 bucks in the street that the sidewalk vendor told you to be really good for the winter. Well, let me tell you that you need to invest a little bit more when we talk about your hands in the cold winter. You’re probably thinking why do I need to do that when my old cheap pair can keep me warm and don’t need to be that expensive right? well, yes, they are probably not expensive and can keep some of the cold away but do they really keep you warm? do they feel soft in your hands? are they comfortable? is the wind whipping through them to your hands?.

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Mixes and clothes: Tips for winter

As temperatures dive, we’re including Winter embellishments like caps, scarves and gloves to our outfits. They have a significant effect.

Obviously, protecting against the frosty is the need, and after a specific point you’re concerned more with keeping warm than coordinating your Winter adornments. In any case, a little idea can go far when pulling together your Winter look. That way you’ll feel fantastic when you’re altogether packaged up.

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Why Peccary leather products are so valued

Peccary Leather is more and more valued every day. You might wonder why, and that’s the reason we are going to tell you in this blog how is the tanning of the leather, their applications, their benefits and quality and then, you might realize that the price isn’t that high if we consider all the hard work to make that beautiful leather you use in garments, bags, shoes or accessories.

The Process of the Leather

In order to make leather soft and pliable for use, it must be put through a tanning leather process. This is a process that has been in use in one form or another for thousands of years. When you purchase leather goods, it’s smart to know how the leather was prepared. This is especially true for people who are very sensitive to chemicals. The Leather is usually tanned in one of two ways. One is chrome tanning, and the other is vegetable tanning.

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3 Pair of leather gloves you will want to use everytime

  1. Sebastian Peccary Leather -US$180,
  2. Cielo Peccary Leather – US$143,
  3. Pomabamba Peccary Leather – US$210

All prices include Free Shipping Worldwide.

When you think of gloves, you probably think about how nice and warm your hands would feel with a certain pair, how cool would be that color, the texture, the materials, etc. There’s a lot of important things to be considered, either you are into fashion or you simply want a cool pair of gloves to use in winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn. That’s why were bringing 3 pairs from our own selection to show you how easy is to be warmed and formal and not die trying.

Let’s suppose you’re a girl and you want that gorgeous pair of gloves you saw on the store but, you don’t think it would be appropriate for you because, you don’t want to look old and formal, well let me tell you that you can buy that gorgeous pair of gloves and just be yourself with whatever outfit you decide to use because, attitude is the only thing you need to wear the most awesome pair of them. Now, if you are a guy and decide you need to complete your wardrobe with some soft and warm pair of gloves then check our store because we have exactly what you need. You can be elegant and warm with some peccary gloves.

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Style and comfort for cold weather

Winter is coming you’re left thinking about how to dress for winter. Do you shield yourself from the icy, or do you continue it to keep your own style up?

All things considered, imagine a scenario where you could have the best of the two universes. Consider the possibility that you could remain warm without packaging up like a 8-year old. Consider the possibility that you could continue dressing sharp without winding up as a shuddering, trembling chaos.

Layering: The Key to Looking Sharp While Staying Warm

In summer, wearing an excessive number of things over each other just gets you overheated. However, in winter, you can go hard and fast. With four distinct layers of garments, you have significantly more space to be imaginative.

For easygoing wear, sew tops will be your go-to choice. Other than securing your head, they keep your ears warm as well. You can’t state the same of different caps.

Wearing a scarf that is brighter and more brilliant than your jacket will focus all over (however be careful about venturing into neon-domain. Regardless you shouldn’t go over the edge).

When it comes to gloves, you should abide by three rules:

  1. They should withstand the cold.
  2. Shouldn’t soak up moisture like a sponge.
  3. They shouldn’t look like the mittens your mom clipped to your coat when you were six.

You need to coordinate your calfskin to your different cowhides. So no dark colored gloves when you’re wearing dark belt and shoes, or the other way around. The calfskin doesn’t need to coordinate precisely — that normally looks excessively make a decent attempt — however the nearer they are, the better.

As opposed to pick a coat that happens to be on incline today, go for a great one that you can wear for a considerable length of time to come. The works of art never leave style.

Furthermore, make sure to get one of every a nonpartisan shading. Dim, naval force, or khaki are your best choices here. You need your winter coat adaptable, so it doesn’t make a difference what you wear it with.

A few key aspects to look out for when choosing your winter footwear are:

  • Interior lining; this will keep your toes from freezing.
  • Waterproofiness; this will keep the melted snow from seeping in.
  • Soles with traction; this will keep you from slipping on your ass.

So when you’re in the store, check the inside of the boot to see if it’s lined with a fuzzy wool.

Damier gloves by Louis Vuitton for men

Having warm hands in winter is already a luxury in itself, but what better than having them warm with style? For men who like elegance, they will love these Louis Vuitton Damier model gloves, which take their name from the checkered combination they have on the edge, similar to the checkerboard chessboard.

The Damier gloves are made of lambskin and are available for both adults and children, with a wool version with checkerboard drawings on the back. The problem that I see these gloves is that they are one size fits all and it is possible that they do not adapt perfectly to all hands.

If the guy who wants these gloves has the right size hand, I’m sure they’ll enjoy them every day they put them on. Not only are they soft but they have a finish full of details that can be seen at a glance. I love it!

The long path stablished by gloves

The craft of glove making is an ancient practice of thousands of years. Leather gloves are originally produced to protect the hands in cold weather or for use in manual labour. Over time they become a symbol of elegance, distinction, of a superior social class. But gloves weren’t always a wealthy stuff after all.

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The art of glove manufacturing

Like many other expressions of couture, the making of gloves is a meticulous job with a beautiful result. The quality of the materials and the skill of the craftsman can turn a simple pair of gloves into a work of art. This is the process for the glove, in which the selection of raw materials and processing techniques are fundamental.

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Peccary Leather from Peru

Peccary Leather is original from Perú. The word peccary is derived from the Carib word pakira or paquira. In Portuguese, a peccary is called pecari, porco-do-mato, queixada, or tajaçu, among other names; in Spanish, “javelina”, jabalí, sajino, or pecarí; in French Guiana and Suriname, pakira.

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Wedding custom: bride’s gloves

Why some brides wear gloves? Is it just fashion? tradition?

History says that during the 18th and 19th centuries, gloves were considered the best traditional wedding favor for all guests. Well-mannered ladies used them as a mandatory custom until 1960. Formal etiquette still recommends that a bride should wear gloves as a symbol of grace. If you do so, you will look so classy and elegant.

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Hollywood stars loved gloves

It was the look of that period. Elegance was the most important word in fashion. Tidy hairstyle, minimal hair accessory (maybe a hat), perfect lines in the dress, the suit and the gloves were the must-have items of a wardrobe.

Iconic Hollywood stars contributed to keep the gloves tradition in fashion between 1950s and 1960s.

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Gloves fashion trends 2015-2016

The fashion website Fashionisers.com made a fall/winter 2015-2016 catwalks review on accessories. The verdict comes as follows:

Let’s get elbow length gloves


These elbow length gloves look really sophisticated. Many celebrities used them in the red carpet and in fashion weeks. Best brands: Dries Van Noten, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Elie Saab and Prada.

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